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PlaceMat Paddies



Our new Paddies are 13.5” x 18.5” placemats with a “moat” (a small ridge cut around the edges) to catch crumbs and spills. The table pad paddies come in either rectangular and oval shaped. They are just like our table pads, 1/2 inch thick, 550° heat protection, spill proof, lifetime warranty.  You get your choice of any color you want for the top and the bottom of the pads. We also offer (at no extra charge) Paddies with monogram letters cut into them as well.  You get to pick one letter and up to three different fonts to choose from.  All the paddies are 25.00 each which includes shipping.   (our online order form is not set up for these yet, you must Email or call us 800-350-9419)

Any Color Leatherette top, velvet bottom, 1/2 inch hard density board, 13 1/2″ x 18 1/2″, monogram slightly recessed


Crumb/Liquid Catching Channel™ keeps spills and food away from your carpet and clothes! Protects your table while still showing its beauty
Great for parties
Ideal for formal occasions or informal meals as well
Makes an excellent serving tray
More sturdy than old-fashioned placemats!
Keeps your table cloth clean!
Stack-able and easy to store
Great for outdoor dining too
They make a great laptop pad- keeps you cool while ventilating your laptop
Show off your monogrammed initial – it’s like your own family crest







Table Leaf Storage Bags

Leaf storage bags for leaves up to 24″x50″max. $25.00 each with table pad order. Add $14.00 shipping if ordered without table pads. Our table leaf storage bags will help keep scratches, scuffs, and moisture away from your table’s extra leaves. They have a water resistant black vinyl exterior, and a soft fleece interior. Always make sure the table leaves finish is touching the fleece lining and not the vinyl while in storage. Otherwise, over long periods, plasticizer migration may occur and soften the finish on the leaf. Table leaf storage bags are the perfect way to store your leaves without worrying about damaging them.




Table Pad Storage Bags

Pad Storage bags are $25.00 each and each bag can hold up to four pad sections. Add $14.00 for shipping if ordered without table pads. Table Pad Storage Bags helps keep your table pads organized and looking fresh and will keep the dust and elements off your pads while you store them. These Table Pad Storage Bags are water resistant with the black woven space age material on the outside with a smooth lining on the inside that will let your Table Pads insert easily into the bag.  The Table Pad Storage Bags can hold Table Pads up to 52 inches in width.