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Welcome to Table Pads Direct, your online source for table pads and other table pad accessories. Here at table pads direct, you will find everything you need to help protect your table from spills, moisture, dents, and heat with a great looking custom table pad or table cover.

Our table pads are customized to exactly fit your table, have a heavy-duty, washable leatherette wood grain or leather-tone surface, a soft velvet bottom and fold for easy handling and storage. They consist of a solid, lightweight fiberboard core that is completely unaffected by humidity and will not warp when standing upright, thereby saving storage space. They are a full 1/2″ thick and will protect your table from hot cookware up to 550 degrees!

All table pads are available with the Magnaloc table pad locking system. These top of the line table pad locks are 100% user friendly and are totally hidden and secured beneath a protective cloth surface, which makes it impossible for the locks to ever come in contact with and damage your expensive table.

Table Pads Direct will provide standard or custom made table pads for any type of table. You tell us the dimensions, we’ll provide you with the protection your table deserves.custom table pad We can even provide a table pad for your pool or billiards table!

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Watch this short video to learn more about table pads and why you should use one to protect your table.

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