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These depicted table pad colors are an actual scan of each color, but it might not be an exact match.  Due to the limitations and various types of  computer monitors out, the table pad colors might not match perfectly.

75% of our customers usually put a custom table cloth on top of their table pads.  But we get a lot of customers with cats and/or kids so they like to leave the table pads on the table all the time.  With that being the case, the customers would like the table pad colors to match their existing table.   That is why we offer so many table pad colors to choose from.   You get the choice of picking any of our table pad colors to choose from for the top and the bottom of your table pads.  We normally send out a sample sheet of our table pad colors on a high gloss sheet of paper in all our pattern kits.  We also send out actual sample swatches upon request.  Contact us or email your request of what colors you are interested in and also if you need any pattern paper to trace your table, and we can send out your sample table pad colors ASAP.

Click on the table pad colors to view them in a larger picture.



Leather Tones

All of our leather tones table pad colors are a rich blend but they are not a solid color. Think of a fancy leather couch. Our leather tones have the least amount of texture to them and are the most popular of our three top table pad colors.


Wood Grains

Our Wood Grains table pad colors are close to all our other table pad colors, but they feature a nice wood grain pattern print.



Our Solid table pad colors are just like what they are named — They are a SOLID color.  These solid colors also have the most texture out of the three top table pad colors.


Duravel Bottom Colors

These Duravel Bottom table pad colors are for the bottom of your table pad. It is a soft velvet/felt material that will not scratch your table.  You get any choice of the bottom  colors to go along with the your choice of any of our top table pad colors.


Table Pad colors

table pad colors