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Pool Table Pads

Do you have a pool table that you would like to turn into a usable table?  Here at Table Pads Direct we can make some custom pool table pads for you. We make you a regular table pad that will fit the same size and shape as your pool table, but in addition add our pool table pads support kit, which includes padded blocks to go underneath the center of your pool table under the pad and it will support any weight that you want to put on top of your pool table pads.  It will keep the pad safe and secure and also keep the pad from bowing in the middle. The pool table pads are priced the same,  You just pay for the support blocks which are an additional $49.99.

We assure you that everyone of our pool table pads will definitely dress up a room. One of our main goals is to take something simple and make it into something classy.  Not only will your pool table pads look awesome, they are functional as well.   With the pool table pads, you can actually use your pool table as a regular table.   Turn it into a buffet, work space, or catch all.  How ever you want to use the pool table pads, it is up to you.

The Pool table pads and support blocks will need to be ordered by phone as they are not an option on our shopping cart yet. Feel free to call us today and we will create a set of pool table pads to fit your table perfectly.


Pool Table Pad


If you are interested in a custom table cloth to go over your pool table pads, we have those too. Check us out — or —

Custom vinyl tablecloth    Vinyl tablecloth


Pool table pads, custom pool table pads

pool table pads – pool table pads are custom made to order.