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Have you ever had a dinner and the your table just wasn’t big enough for everybody? Would you like to expand the size of your table so that more people can use it?   With our custom made to order table extender pads, you can not only still keep your table protected from heat, scratches, spills, etc. — you can also make your table up to 24 inches longer and up to 24 inches wider.  (or for round tables, you can do a 24 inch bigger diameter table pad)  Anything over a 12 inch overhang on your table extender might cause the pads to flip in the middle of the table and spill drinks or damage the pads.


Table Extender Details

Protect, preserve and extend fine furniture. Our table extender pads are the same quality as our regular table pads, they are just a little thicker and the fiber board we use is about 3 times the weight of regular table pads. The table extender pads all custom made to order. The table extender pads are unique and exclusive product to our company provides the following benefits: 

  • Extends table in width and length up to nine inches each direction. 24  inches total length and/or up to 24  inches in total width.   Or up to a 24 inch diameter increase (60 inch round table can receive up to a 84″ table extender)
  • Matches exact contour of your table shape and comes in any of our top and bottom colors.
  • It looks and protects just like our table pads, only they are made from 5/8 inch thick (instead of 1/2 inch) density MDF fiber board to support the over hang.
  • Locking Disks will be installed in these table extender pads to keep the pad sections locked together and prevent from coming apart.


Order Your Custom Table Extender Pads Today

Our Table Extender pads are priced at $.10 per square inch which includes shipping. 

Our order form on this site is not yet set up to do these extender pads yet since they are priced per square inch. If you wanted to order them online, you can order them from our sister website:  Or you can call and order over the phone. 800-350-9419  — or email us all the info and we can send you a price quote, PayPal invoice etc.